Merry Brera

The loafer inspired by Christmas fairy tales.

Fratelli Rossetti presents a Brera Christmas-themed special edition, Merry Brera. The iconic tasseled loafer has been embellished with handcrafted embroidery inspired by the world of Nordic fairy tales: four characters from the Christmas tradition – a Santa Claus, a reindeer, a fox, and a penguin – create a cheerful and colorful pattern reminiscent of the fabrics of Lapland.

By magic, just like in fairy tales, the characters come to life in a cartoon created using the collage technique. The characters emerge from the shoes and become wooden clips ready to fully enjoy their Christmas.

The film is set in an imaginary Milan populated by trees made of laces, buildings fashioned from bags and shoe-shaped sleighs.

Merry Brera keeps its distinctive features such as contrasting tassels and the mirror-effect signature on one side.

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