Brera, the tasseled loafer whose launch in 1968 marked a revolution in the fashion world, is the star of Brera Cult. The project is a creative container for carrying out the most daring experiments and coming up with the most original ideas, reinterpreting the legendary icon in a new way.

Brera Cult, which will feature several editions released throughout the year, is characterized by the use of rare materials and complex techniques distinguished by the “Brera” signature hand-embroidered in reverse on the left side of the shoe with a mirror effect.

The first edition is made of fabric. The fabrics, which feature bright colors, take inspiration from faraway lands. The loafer’s stitching is proof of the Fratelli Rossetti artisans’ mastery: a combination of colorful threads that creates striking visual effects. Masterpieces of craftsmanship, resembling true works of art, every Brera Cult model is distinct: rather than limited editions, they are unique editions.

The models will be exclusively sold online and in the boutiques in Milan, Capri, Porto Cervo.