In a period of severe constraints for the artistic and creative world, Fratelli Rossetti has chosen to collaborate with six photographers with the aim of promoting young Italian talent. Luca Grottoli, Guglielmo Profeti, Dario Salamone, Federica Simoni, Guido Taroni and Claudia Zalla were invited to create their own interpretation of footwear from the Fall/Winter 2020/21 collection, using the spaces, equipment and contexts available to each of them. The project enabled the artists to give their creativity free rein, inspiring unique shots, characterized by a strong communicative and emotional impact.


Claudia Zalla

Claudia Zalla is an Italian photographer, currently working and living in Milano. She work mostly in fashion and design, while developing her personal research focused on the urban landscape and seeking the narration of everyday life.

Federica Simoni

Federica Simoni was born in Bergamo, Italy. She approached photography during her adolescence. After a rich and formative time in London, she went back to Italy and developed a real talent for still life photography. Currently, Federica lives in Milano working as fashion photographer.

Luca Grottoli

Luca Grottoli was born in Parma, Italy. Living between Milano and London, he works as fashion photographer capturing moments with a pure and yet ironic eye.

Guido Taroni

Guido Taroni was born in Milano, Italy, inheriting his refined aesthetic straight from his family. During his early adulthood, Guido has worked on his personal style, rooted in the pursuit of chromatic harmony and sophisticated simplicity.

Dario Salamone

Dario Salamone is a Sicilian photographer based in Milan. His work investigates the expressive and mechanical possibilities of human body, the relationship between nature and culture and the role of technology in anthropogenesis. He works both as a fine-art and fashion photographer.

Guglielmo Profeti

Guglielmo Profeti is an Italian photographer rooted in Florence. His photography captures a sensitivity and relationship with his subject matter, a synthesis between personal experiences and the everyday.