4 distinctive codes for the transformation of an icon

Born in 1975 as a men’s and women’s ankle boot, this feminine version quickly became emblematic of the mannish style. Today, Magenta evolves into new “Codes”: the elements inspired by menswear acquire new forms, becoming expression of a strong and confident femininity. The stirrup, sharp lines, and characteristic textures of men’s designs, are transferred on pumps and mules, reinventing the paradigms of womenswear.

The stirrup is the tangible symbol of this change, transformed through a modern interpretation via the Magenta Codes:


A world inspired by the first Magenta model, born in 1975 with the stirrup positioned on the back of the boot. From the iconic boots, the model that stands out is the new pump with a stiletto heel, a symbol of a woman strongly expressing her sensuality.


The “Magenta Stirrup” transforms with a jewelry detail which becomes the protagonist of the shoe. A romantic line with a retro twist, it develops into pumps and ballerina flats for a style that transcends trends.


The "Magenta Stirrup" becomes a buckle, embellishing sandal straps and bags with a mannish flavor.


The "Magenta Stirrup" is revisited and becomes an original clip with a central element which alludes to the symbol of infinity.