Fratelli Rossetti, which has always been synonymous with “handmade” and top quality, offers its male clients a “Made to Measure” service, namely the chance to own unique shoes, handcrafted by a single Master Artisan who deals directly with the client throughout the entire production process, from the initial appointment through to delivery of the finished article. After taking the client’s measurements, the artisan uses one of five basic lasts that generate twenty different models, creating a custom last that allows him to make the shoe prototype. He then sees the client again in order to “fine-tune” the shoes.
The end result is a product of superb craftsmanship that meets the client’s every requirement. Unique shoes, customised with the client’s name handwritten either on the insole or engraved on the outsole.
The choice of leathers ranges from fine calfskin for the most classic models to iguana and crocodile for luxury shoes. The leathers, in keeping with company tradition, are hand-painted in the colour chosen by the client from a wide selection. The Men’s Made to Measure service is available on the second floor of the flagship Fratelli Rossetti boutique in Via Montenapoleone 1.
In addition, Fratelli Rossetti offers a Made To Order service: as with Made to Measure, shoes are produced and customised based on five lasts. The client selects the model, leather, colour and type of sole. Each shoe is a unique work of art which reflects fine craftsmanship and the heritage of Fratelli Rossetti.
There is also a Toledo Made to Order service: clients can select their shoes from one of 6 iconic models in our collections: Brera loafers, two-tone Derbys and Richelieus for men; Dandys, our renowned laceless Derbys, Brera loafers and two-tone Derbys for women, which can all be made in Toledo leather, selecting one of the shades available in our colour chart.
The shoes are made to order within 15 working days. The service is available in selected boutiques around the world: Paris, Brussels, Milan and Rome.