Milan Men's Fashion, Collection FW22-23

Inspired by the Anglo-Saxon college style,
the new formal by Fratelli Rossetti sets a trend

The classic regimental pattern is renewed on the Brera loafer and lace-up

Milan Men’s Fashion Week, January 2022 - College style sets a trend in the collection by Fratelli Rossetti for next winter. From this mood, one of its symbolic elements, the regimental pattern, was extrapolated. This pattern was a big hit during the 20s, often found on the ties worn by students of English schools as well as among gentlemen in the clubs, who borrowed it from the British military. The regimental pattern, characterized by the alternating of diagonal stripes of various thicknesses, finds an original expression in the iconic Brera loafer and the Richelieu Oxford.

This nostalgic mood is as relevant as ever thanks to the capability of combining innovative artisan workmanship with the most contemporary digital expression, reinventing the rules of male elegance. The design is made with a laser on a shoe that is treated with the exclusive Toledo technique: the colors are applied by hand with a pad directly on the rough leather that is subsequently finished with waxes and brushes, acquiring a one-of-a kind glossy nuance.

Fratelli Rossetti, over the course of its 70-year history, has promoted small and large revolutions in the fashion world. Today, it continues its mission, combining a long tradition of craftsmanship with extensive research into innovation, while respecting the elegance that distinguishes the brand. Thanks to its ability to combine contemporary design and manual techniques, Fratelli Rossetti is an international ambassador for Made in Italy and Italian style.