MARCH 27TH 2017

Spring time in Valencia

New outfit with floreal hobo slippers

After the rains, the sun finally raised in Valencia, so I could not wait to wear the precious handpainted loafers from Fratelli Rossetti.
And although, perhaps the easier way to combine this kind of flat shoes is with pants in a masculine outfit, this time I have preferred to combine them with a very feminine skirt, in this case a pleated midi skirt in Navy blue colour. It looks great with a message t-shirt and an oversize blazer, in a very comfortable, feminine and chic look.
I feel very #sexyinflats!


06 DECEMBER 2016

Autumn days in Magenta boots


Lovely autumn days are going by while winter slowly approaches.
Weather in Brussels is chilly and changeable and my outfits must go hand-in-hand with it.
A few days ago, for a business lunch in town, I wore a nice and warm shearling coat with a red turtle neck.
At my feet the perfect shoes for this fall weather: a brand-new pair of boots.
The latest “Magenta” ankle boot, straight from Fratelli Rossetti Fall Winter Collection.
Simple, linear, with a classic style.
Made of soft hand-buffed calfskind and leather sole, the Magenta ankle boot is an iconic design of the brand mainly characterised by the brass “Rossetti patented” stirrup.
The production process merits a special mention: the antique finish is a dyeing process which makes the shoe look more lived in, the end result is a light patina recalling the one of paintings.
The Magenta boots make you stand out from the rest.


Must have of the season: embroidery ankle boots

Embroidery Style

Looking for the fashion trends of the season? Velvet and embroidery are two of the top fashion trends of the season and not only talking in terms of clothes but also talking about shoes. Shoes take a very special role this season and they include these two beautiful concepts with this purpose which could make you feel in a fairy tale.
So, I must confess that I can feel the magic when I wear this pair of Fratelli Rossetti ankle boots made of ruched velvet with multicolour embroidery which adorns all the uppers. I love how they work with a blouse with tassels, a pair of high waisted jeans and boho jewelry. Nothing more to add, magic is in the feet.



Rock & Roll romance for a day trip

Black polished leather boots by Fratelli Rossetti

September, sunny Sunday, in Milan is already lunch time and it seems that time is flying... to go to Liguria is too late. Even very late for Torino, Bologna, Verona. And how about Bergamo alta? "But no, dear! In Bergamo it rains. Look at the clouds over there."
So? So we leave towards Monza, destination? Villa Reale. And even if it rains, the flourishing rose garden under the crystal drops, watch the English park from the large windows of the royal apartments, perhaps go through it and who cares if our hair get wet... It will be just a romantic trip out of town.
Carefree and romantic mood calls white lace skirt, black lace top, my vintage oversized denim jacket, purchased during that magical ride in my beloved Parma and black polished leather boots by Fratelli Rossetti, the rock touch which downplays girly sophistication, ideal boots not to lose against the foreseeable raindrops, a fine leather sporty fringed bag, essential with a country twist... Oh, and I forgot my big black hat!
The roses smell like a dream, and this outfit + Villa Reale, the ideal match.
To the next day trip!


JULY 06TH 2016

Fratelli Rossetti Slingback .. A timeless shoe

What are the millions when in return they give you a pair of shoes?

A quote of a famous song:
What are the millions when in return they give you a pair of shoes?
I have more shoes that opportunities to use them. I have a wardrobe full of loafers, sandals, boots and ballerina.
I can count three shades of the same model, different heels for the identical shape, fantasies of little dissimilar to the same lacing, if I'm not thinking about the shoes means that I am not concentrated.
I love to buy shoes, also when I have to try a shoe and I have a hole in the sock or I need to play dice with the online order sizes.
More I look at my shoes and more I like them: see them stacked, stuffed with tissue paper, closed in cardboard caskets, all in a row, all polished, stopped me from wanting to be a siren because sirens cannot put shoes.
The wear of the soles makes me sad and what I try to remain fashionable and don’t scrutinize the consumption of time is go to buy a pair of good handmade and solid shoes, that can resist for a long time.
I chose these FRATELLI ROSSETTI shoes because sling back décolleté are timeless..and their color is Blue Marine.
Thank you,


JUNE 17TH 2016

Brera & Jeans

A pair of green Brera loafers with hand-painted floral print and a red bag

Hi beauties,
today I share with you a super comfortable look, but also so stylish.
It is a look that could be worn to go to the office, to go for a walk, and the main pieces of it are two amazing accessories that provide tons of class and style: a pair of green Brera loafers with hand-painted floral print, imitating the Hawaiian art of tatooing and a red bag from the Italian brand Fratelli Rossetti.
They are truly amazing, comfortable and stylish, as everything Fratelli Rossetti do, a brand which wants women being sexy in flat shoes too. As you know I'm a big fan of this brand, in fact I already have several of their models that I have already shown you here.
Furthermore, they didn't come alone, the bag in red color is gorgeous, its size is perfect and it certainly let any look shine.
I decided to combine them with a pair of ripped jeans, one of my favorite T-shirts and nude blazer jacket.
Honestly I love the outfit, the result is a fresh, simple, cool and also extremely comfortable look. What do you think about it?
Have a great day


MAY 13TH 2016

Modern Cinderella

A pair of Fratelli Rossetti sexy flat boots and a ladylike handbag… and you're done!

Do you ever think of Cinderella? I often do.
I travel with my mind, thinking of her, whenever life holds surprises for me, whenever an important event awaits for me.
We do not say it very often, but the truth is that women love the Cinderella fairy tale, oh yes, we do.
I have found a way to put myself in her shoes... I found a way to live a fairy tale every day: thanks to Fratelli Rossetti I’m in her shoes in twenty seconds.
What do you think? Do you want to try?
The game is very simple: wear a pair of Fratelli Rossetti sexy flat boots and a ladylike handbag… and you're done!


your Modern Cinderella

Sophia Salaroli

APRIL 08TH 2016

After Lunch w/ Sherry in B&W style

Black and white laced shoes by Fratelli Rossetti


Milan, 3pm, a spring afternoon with grey weather with some veiled sunshine emerging among pink clouds and early twentieth century buildings...
After a rich lunch in my favourite restaurant in via Pasquale Sottocorno 6 – saffron scent, velvet armchairs, Chinese details... - me and Sherry, Sherry and I, we wanted to have a walk through the colorful houses with florid gardens and fruit trees, around Via Archimede. It seems to run away from Milan, to a country town, where you can finally take a fresh air breath. My “boyfriend” on a leash, fresh of toilet, wagging the tail, happy, he approved my outfit with an A++, I hope you too.
Black & white with a funny verve: flared pants short at the ankle in pied de poule with some glittering details, a geometric sweater, a vintage ruby red backpack and black and white laced shoes by FRATELLI ROSSETTI. Footwear with classic and clean lines, but curiously super modern for the total white sole and I don’t know what else, these shoes just create a surprising optical illusion... I LOVE them, you can build a lot of looks never obvious, always classy. Ah! And I forgot... a curly and fluffy Sherry on your side is literally the cherry on top and let me tell you: even better than any boyfriend you can have.

Enjoy your after lunch!


MARCH 04TH 2016

Ankle Boots Fratelli Rossetti Style

Fratelli Rossetti ankle beatles boots with pointed toe


Hi beauties,
although I think that every shoe has the perfect outfit to be matched with, I must confess that ankle boots are one of my favourite kind of footwear. They are so comfortable and versatile that I can wear them with any garments: trousers, dresses, skirts, dungarees... they perfectly go with everything.

So then, if you want to have a pair of shoes to wear at any time and with any outfit, it is necessary to choose the perfect ones. From my point of view, there is not better choice that these Fratelli Rossetti ankle beatles boots with pointed toe. They are made of black soft calfskin, enriched with gloss details which gives it a cool shiny and satin effect.

It is a feminine and sophisticated model, with 70mm heel which can be worn in casual but also refined outfits. Not to forget the most important fact: how comfortable they are. Because of their wide heels and their shape they can be worn for hours without any pain.

If you need some ideas about how to wear them, I propose you one possible outfit which is very suitable, for instance, for a day at the office.

I love wearing this Fratelli Rossetti ankle boots with this suit: a long blazer with flap pockets and the matched skinny trousers in a burnt orange colour. This tone works well with black and because of this I chose a turtleneck and accessories in this color. Furthermore, as this is a look with a masculine vibe, I opted for feminine details, such as light and minimalistic jewelry as well as a pair of cat eye sunglasses, so as to compensate and balance my outfit. Masculine & Feminine at the same time.



Rise above the knees

A pair of stunning black leather boots by Fratelli Rossetti

Here it’s time for sunset, the sun falls behind the horizon and your Milanese soirée is ready to rise.
Be wild, let the wind mess your hair, don’t be afraid to dare, walk against the current, wear a pair of stunning black leather boots by FRATELLI ROSSETTI, high no higher, very much above the knees...
The night is young, and here there is still light.
Who is waiting for you with that black and white sweater, that military coat and those amazing boots high no higher... are you interested? Are you interested in the one who is sipping his Bloody Mary next to Philippe Starck masterpiece with an icy Cosmopolitan ordered for you? Maybe yes, maybe no, you know you feel just like Marylin: you are not looking for a man who ruins your mascara, but your lipstick instead.
In the meantime, you step over the grates with that crazy pair of FRATELLI ROSSETTI boots.

Enjoy & rise above.

Clara Nanut