Stivale Magenta

Magenta is the boot par excellence. At first sight it is both simple and linear.
In actual fact, its “classic” style – as with ancient artworks – is the result of considerable, painstaking work in which accessory elements are done away with to attain the essence, the perfect form.
Observe the strap: thick and without stitching, which would add pointless detail.
Note the welt, the reinforcement between the sole and the uppers: it is wheeled precisely to give it a slightly extended form.
Once the three pieces that give Magenta its initial form have been sewn together, the boot is then “formed”, namely shaped and hot-trimmed.
Its clasp, which has been widely imitated over the years, is now Fratelli Rossetti Patented.
Magenta has been produced in horsy almond colour, black calfskin, almond calfskin and hand-antiqued smoke colour.
This last production process in particular merits special mention.
The antique finish is a dyeing process which makes the shoe look more lived in and original:
a darker dye is applied over the resin coated and polished base dye. The darker dye is then hand-brushed to blend in the surface colour.
The end result is a light patina that recalls paintings by Da Vinci and those who emulated his style, in which the Lombard countryside was seen through a fine, rarefied and bright mist.
In the end, it is art that opens and closes the story of Magenta, the product of Fratelli Rossetti’s modern “artisan workshop”, which is inspired by the height of the Italian Renaissance.