Mocassino Yacht

A careful observer of changing tastes and lifestyles, Renzo Rossetti always sought to combine functionality with research and to bring his shoes up-to-date with modern needs.
So when in the Seventies, in line with the more relaxed trends of the day, men stopped wearing vests under their shirts, Renzo Rossetti had the insight to replace the leather lining in his moccasin loafers with fabric, making it possible to wear them without socks. The result was the Yacht, a shoe type “so logical it was as though it had always existed”.
Today, the Yacht returns with a more tapered silhouette whilst maintaining its unmistakeable characteristics: the breathable green towelling lining, the thin ultra-light sole and the soft insole.
The Yacht has always been the symbol of a free and casual lifestyle which still manages to remain elegant.