Men’s Collection
Fall-Winter 2016

January 2015 – The new Fratelli Rossetti collection is inspired by the iconic 1980s television series Dallas, with its depictions of land, horses and power. 
The new additions for the season are steeped in the atmosphere of the Southfork Ranch. This is particularly true of the relief floral prints and the hand-painted Toledo Bilux decorations with different nuances that blend into each other. 
The techniques highlight the craftsmanship behind the footwear. They were chosen to satisfy urban cowboys who push beyond the boundaries of luxury with wrangler style, in their search for exceptionally made products that are ideal for any occasion, from work in the office to evenings out and leisure time.

SOPHISTICATED ELEGANCE – Fratelli Rossetti has used its masterful craftsmanship to present fresh takes on classic designs for people who want to stand out on even the most formal occasions. This is the case with the hand-painted Toledo Bilux shoes, in which the different colours melt into each other: green is fused with brown, cobalt blue with midnight blue and cherry with burgundy. The Texan influences can be seen in aspects such as the pointed toes and the buckles, both single and double ones.

CASUAL OPTIONS - The cult 1980s soap opera comes to life in the Magenta world, with saddlery features that call to mind the ranch. Shoes and ankle boots appear alongside the big new design for the season: cowboy-style boots, which are appearing for the first time in the men’s collection. On each one is a stirrup engraved with the words “ROSSETTI PATENTED” to show the certified originality of the boots, ever since they were first created in the 1970s.

THE EVENING – The influence of Texas folk is plain to see in the asymmetric relief floral patterns that have been hot printed onto black patent leather. The exclusive technique has been used to decorate two styles of Oxford shoes and some slippers. After all, even in the Wild West it is important to be able to attend gala evenings.

Fratelli Rossetti was founded in 1953 by the visionary genius Renzo Rossetti in Parabiago, in the outskirts of Milan. At the time, a national fashion industry was just beginning to develop in Italy.
The company is now run by brothers Diego, Luca and Dario from the second generation of the family. With their dedication and devotion, they have taken the company to its 60th anniversary and beyond, with a constant focus on quality at all times.
Over the years, the brand has become synonymous with style in Italy and across the globe. It embodies the values of unparalleled craftsmanship.