New Artisan Event: Mumble Mumble

April 2017 - Fratelli Rossetti during the Fuori Salone presents a vivid limited edition wedge sandals part that playfully juxtaposes prints and geometric forms, using contrasting, zesty acid brights for a colour block effect that radiates joy and energy.

The launch is framed by an installation curated by Mumble Mumble, a trio of creatives whose artisan “refinishing” projects bring a new artistic dimension to existing spaces and objects. The signature Mumble Mumble medium is resin, often used in combination with concrete.

The “Stripes on Design” installation will be the centrepiece of the window displays at the via Montenapoleone boutique from Saturday 1 April until the end of the Fuori Salone. The store will open its doors for the launch cocktail party, complete with a full DJ set, at 6.30 on the evening of Thursday 6 April.

The collaboration with Mumble Mumble is part of Fratelli Rossetti’s New Artisan project, which aims to highlight the work of young entrepreneurs who have not only rediscovered the value of artisan craftsmanship, but have made it a central selling point. After Milan, the project will be visiting New York, Rome, Venice, Paris, Brussels and Turin over the course of the year. The Franciacorta wine company, the official project partner, will propose a drink pairing for each stop on the “tour”, choosing a different product each time to match with the character of the host city and the artisans involved. For the Mumble Mumble collaboration in Milan, they’ve opted for their Extra Brut, a wine of power and persistence that pairs perfectly with the nature of the concrete and resins.

Mumble Mumblethe sound of the ideas in your head – was set up some eighteen years ago by Eleonora Luca and Riccardo Finotello, who would later be joined by Marco Piras. Inspired by the idea of a creative space – a physical “dimension” in which to give substance to ideas and experiment with artisan processes with rich artistic potential – they found, right from the beginning, thattheir singular blend of artisan expertise and creative imagination transformed the objects they were working with into unique,hand-crafted creations with an unmistakeable style. It was not long before their curiosity for new materials and their absolute conviction in the evocative power of colour led them to resin, which has since become the group’s signature medium.